Fit for Strategy.


Management Assessment is a helpful way of nurturing and developing key position holders in a company. The main purpose is to make sure that key competencies, such as leadership, business understanding and motivation, are in place in order for senior management to deliver on operational as well as strategic expectations – to be Fit for Strategy.

Events that often trigger management assessments are M&A, a change of strategy, or a new CEO in place. An assessment project could also be a general inventory of talent, or part of a key recruitment.

Lagercrantz Associates offer a unique set-up where a mix of challenging real life situations and professional psychometrical tools are used to determine the “Fit for Strategy” with the purpose to predict the potential for a candidate, identify development areas, ensure long-term executives’ development, succession planning and talent review, and to secure quality in the hiring and promotion processes.

Our team has experience from 900+ individual assessments in international organizations with a state of the art set-up, which includes assessment of business understanding as well as abstract/verbal/numeric capabilities, motivations and in-depth personality. The output is immediately accessible to provide comprehensive information about the individual. Drive, motivation, and leadership style, among other, deliver unparalleled insights into senior managers’ capabilities and readiness for critical business challenges.