A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.


Our size means our clients understand exactly who and what they are buying. We provide a highly personalized service specific to the individual company and situation; we give our undivided attention and work from a basis of mutual trust. Lagercrantz Associates' structure and independence means we have no conflict of interests. 

The strength of our boardroom relationships and our regular interactions with corporate leaders means we tend to operate at the top of the organization. The majority of our search assignments are for CEOs, CFOs and private equity professionals.


"Why doesn’t she succeed, if she is so successful?"


We look for leaders who show substance in their career, who demonstrate creativity and credibility, as well as career credentials. We work with candidates able to make a commercial difference, not just talk a good game. 

Our service is highly personalized. We run our searches in a very focused way, drawing on the findings of our research team and keeping client and candidate appraised at every step.