The life of the board is becoming ever more complex and its responsibilities increasingly onerous. Boards must operate as highly functioning teams if they are to be truly effective.   

Part of Lagercrantz Associates' success in completing board searches rests on our proprietary board assessment tool, tailored to each client. The tool combines our long experience of board searches with evidence gathered from numerous years' worth of interviews conducted with Chairs and board directors. 

The result is a technical survey-based application revealing how board members operate individually and as a group, their suitability to the work at hand, and most importantly, how they prioritize tasks on the board agenda.


"If he is such a heavy hitter - why can't he hit ?"


Using survey answers and interviews we assemble an interactive profile in a user-friendly digital format, showing the gaps and overlaps and helping improve both board agenda and overall alignment. Results are saved so progress can be mapped over time. For private equity firms, multiple portfolio companies can be kept together in one portal.

We combine the evidential findings of this software with our own expertise drawn from years of board searches. 

As reality and every day business life challenge companies differently depending on the industrial sector and regulatory framework, we have developed specific tools for public companies and financial institutions.